FBI: Keep Your Mitts Off My iPhone.


Adam had been given clear instructions to leave the apple alone.

He could eat figs, grapes, oranges and any other fruit there. Just not apples. But, being human all he wanted was what he couldn't have.

He took a huge bite, and the rest is history.

As we all know, history repeats itself. This time it is the FBI who has been told that they can't have the code to Apple's iphone. They want the forbidden fruit, as Adam did.

The FBI, of course, wants the code for all the right reasons, to shed light on a crime. But this isn't really reason enough. Too often all the right reasons leads to wire taps, snooping and the monitoring of millions of innocent people.

For the life of me I can't imagine any "good" coming of sharing this code. The whole idea of it doesn't make me feel safer, happier or cuddly. Heck, the crime has already taken place, so it isn't as though anything is going to be prevented here. The FBI, it seems, wants the code more like a spoiled kid wanting what he wants when he wants it.

Meanwhile over in Silicon Valley Apple simply doesn't wish to expose everybody in the world's cell phone to FBI eyes.

I'm sorry, but this seems very simple to me.

As I sit here at the table eying my iPhone I don't want the FBI to be able to do the same. After all its my Iphone, I paid for it, use it, let it be mine. I don't want me neighbors, my friends or the government to have access to my phone.

Limiting access seems to be the entire reason for having a phone code anyway. And I bought the phone with the understanding that I could protect it with a code. It is a breach of contract between Apple and the millions of folks if Apple caves to this unreasonable demand.

It is actually a bit like the apple in the garden. Adam gave up innocence when he bit the apple. And we are, in a sense, giving up our innocence, exposing ourselves to the tainted eyes of the FBI if we offer our phones to them

I say non code for the FBI.

Please FBI leave my phone alone. And please Apple, though it is scary, stand up to the Big Brother requests of this runaway FBI. Just say "no" to the FBI. Let freedom reign and let our privacy prevail.While not delivering the code won't stop security agencies from sticking their long noses into our private lives it, hopefully, will send clear notice that there is a line that cannot be crossed, should not be crossed and will not be crossed.