FBI Knocks Websites Offline

FBI Knocks Websites Offline

The FBI took a series of websites offline on Tuesday in a raid on servers owned by DigitalOne, according to the company, the New York Times reported.

Among the sites knocked offline were those belonging to the Curbed Network, a New York publisher behind the blogs Curbed (real estate), Eater (restaurants), Racked (shopping) and Gridskipper (travel).

The reason for the raid remains unknown, and the FBI did not comment, according to The New York Times, but it's possible it is related to recent news involving LulzSec and Anonymous.

Sergej Ostrumow, an employee at DigitalOne, told the Times: “This problem is caused by the F.B.I., not our company."

Bookmarking site Pinboard, also affected by the downtime, posted this message on the raid:

Just received word from our hosting company that they were raided by the FBI who pulled some racks of equipment. No word on whether our server was among those machines, or whether it is just offline. In the meantime the site is running on a backup server with reduced capabilities (see below). All bookmarks are intact.

Websites affected by the raid remain offline at this time.

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