'FDR: American Badass!' Trailer: Franklin Roosevelt Werewolf Film First Look

President Franklin Roosevelt wasn't just commander-in-chief of the American forces that defeated the Nazis; he also track them down and shot their faces off in his wheelchair of death.

Well, he did according to the new campy horror flick "FDR: American Badass!," anyway. The new film from director Garrett Brawith stars Barry Bostwick as a raunchy version of the four-term president who contracted polio from a bite from a Nazi werewolf. As it turns out, Hitler and Mussolini are werewolves, too, which sets Roosevelt and his allies on a wild mission to defeat them using any means necessary.

Including the Delano 2000, a wheelchair outfitted with a crazy amount of artillery.

The film isn't the only take on rewriting the legacy of a beloved president; a few days ago, a behind-the-scenes look at the much more high budget and considered "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" hit the web. It's also not the only upcoming film about FDR on the way; Bill Murray will star in "Hyde Park on Hudson" out later this year.