Fear And Loathing In Manhattan -- Trump Among The Natives

Since the arrival of Trump as the GOP candidate one phrase should be abolished from our language -- "Don't be ridiculous! It can't happen." Well, there is nothing ridiculous about the fears of decent citizens that their lives and liberties will be destroyed by a tin horn tyrant -- that the great American experiment in democracy could end in November. The polls indicate the odds slightly in favor of Hillary Clinton, but that is hardly reassuring. Trump is no Hitler -- Hitler was a creature of Germany/Austria following the tragedy of WWI -- Trump is our own home grown monster -- created out of a witches brew of racism, nativism, fear of terrorism, hatred for women, the internet and reality show sleaze. I do not believe that he will win this election. Just as there is a deep streak of bigotry in America there is a wider streak of decency -- and I believe that decency will prevail. But to deny the threat of Trump, and his appeal amidst terrorist attacks here and in Europe, is to deny reality (very different from reality TV). And there is no denying that the new voting regulations for voter ID have been designed to suppress the minority vote -- and help Trump. The Courts must take action now -- covering all the states that have participated in this criminal intent to deny the vote to African Americans and other minorities.

Wouldn't it be grand if the Bush family, the Romneys, and the McCains would speak out and not only disdain Trump but announce their support for Hillary Clinton -- or will they remain the "good Germans" who despised Hitler yet held their silence as he rose to power? I recognize that I am shameless. This little boy who grew up in the nineteen thirties and whose initials (SHY) were a comment on his behavior has grown into a nervy old guy who engages people in Central Park and tries to convert a few traditional Republicans to vote for Hillary. I have two notches on my belt - two promises to vote (if not for Hillary against Trump) and I don't give a damn if I seem an imposing old fool -- I do not want to wake up in late November and have to look at my grandchildren and tell them that they must be careful about what they say and what they do because America has become a far more dangerous place -- not from terrorism but from Trumpism. It is not enough to wait for the election and vote for Hillary -- one must overcome the natural reticence to mind one's own business -- because the outcome of this coming election is your business. The lives of those you love may depend upon your engagement. Sorry, I just climbed off the soapbox to walk Sam the Lab in an overcast, gloomy Central Park. But any walk with that great dog keeps the weather at bay -- and turns it into a splendid morning. Too bad good dogs can't vote. They would certainly be for Hillary.