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Afraid of Getting Older? Make a Different Choice!

My first bit of advice -- STOPto the downward spiral! The downward spiral is being seeded by a thought, a mental fabrication, which if given enough attention and focus, can manifest.
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Here's a question from a reader about the fear of getting older.

Dear Maddisen,
I'm in my 40s and getting more scared about aging, especially when I see all of the drug commercials for physical problems and depression. I've been healthy, but not looking forward to the downward spiral. Any advice? CT

Dear CT,

I'm glad you asked this question. My first bit of advice -- STOP looking forward to the downward spiral! In this case, the downward spiral is being seeded by a thought, a mental fabrication, which if given enough attention and focus, can manifest.

A basic law of the physical universe is that we tend to create and experience what we continue to focus on, and even more so on what we continue to think and take action on. In the case of physical and even mental health, the same applies. If we continuously think that age implies a downward spiral physically and mentally, that's exactly what we'll create with our thoughts and most likely with our actions! For example, by believing we're victims of circumstance, by giving up hope and by not caring for our bodies, and allowing them to atrophy.

Another basic law I like to focus on is that our bodies are built and programmed to thrive, heal and to maintain a balance of well being, for the purpose of survival and procreation. I am not saying that we do not age or die or experience states of unhealthiness, but I definitely believe that our body's inherent and core intention is to thrive, maintain a state of balance and survive.

I much prefer to focus on physical and mental well being, and to support my well being with inspired actions. For example, on a daily basis, I focus on and practice thoughts of well being and excellent health, and perform a 3-5 day/week exercise routine. You might try this CT. Obviously, if you have medical concerns, you should consult with your health practitioner. But there's a good chance you could shore up any medical program up with empowering thoughts and actions that support your desired state of healthiness.

In fact, since I've moved into my midlife phase, I realize how it is more important than ever for me to focus on and take actions to support my physical and mental health. Especially when our culture and advertisers are sending out so many messages of decline, helplessness and downfall!

And so, dear CT, I suggest you start focusing on your desired state of physical and mental well being, and make that a daily practice. Write down the qualities that represent good health to you, keep them near, and focus on them daily, for 32 days in a row, and for the years ahead. And take whatever actions you can to support your wellness. I close with this wise quote from Abraham-Hicks: "The discipline that we would like you to exercise is to make a decision that nothing is more important than that you feel good, and that you are going to find thoughts that feel better... "

Your Life Coach,

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