Fear or Compassion in the Year of Uncertainty?

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2017 sees the world entering a new chapter as Britain repositions itself in Europe and the USA moves forward under the command of a highly disturbing oligarch. The global outcome has perhaps never felt so uncertain and as individuals we may feel and experience this in our moods, emotions and outlook.

As human beings we tend to create structures in the world and in our lives to help us feel more in control and safer in our experience, instead of using the challenges of change to evolve our relationship with uncertainty (read vulnerability) itself.

I believe this is the challenge that is posed to us collectively at this moment in time.

Do we collapse into fear and create from that contracted space or do we harness our inner strength and stand up for our heartfelt values.

One of the most powerful questions I believe, is one posed my teacher, Georgina Eden:

In the face of vulnerability what do you bring?

In answer, I would today like to reaffirm my dedication to compassion, love, beauty, art, freedom, diversity, inclusion, equality and truth.

There has never been a more precious opportunity for those dedicated to evolving a more compassionate world to come into full alignment with their values and to burn brightly with dedication.

In the face of vulnerability what will you bring?

The time is now.

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