How To Eat An Elephant

Fear and will are a magnificent duo through which anyone can land on solid ground when it comes to breaking down that which appears to be larger than life.
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For the last couple of weeks I had been preparing for my very first radio interview. I was scheduled to appear in the Debbi Dachinger "Dare to Dream" award-winning syndicated show on March 8, 2012. In anticipation of this event, I recruited the assistance of my friend and personal coach Marcia Walker of Step by Step Coaching. Even though I have known Marcia for over 12 years, I had never stepped foot in her office.

I arrived at my appointment wearing a large, silver jewelry pendant in the shape of an elephant. Marcia was quick to comment on it, and pointed out the various other elephant pieces she has collected. We both agreed that these marvelous creatures are a symbol of highest true self. They are also considered a metaphoric icon representing a challenge requiring that it be broken down into pieces.

Taking into account the task at hand, I began to break down my own elephant and explored the areas I needed to master in order to have a successful first radio interview. I prepared five essential questions that I wanted Debbi to cover during the interview related to the topic of my book. Hours before recording, I did some meditation and said my prayers asking for divine guidance.

I phoned in to the studio only to find that the quality of sound in both my voice over internet phone (VoIP) and cell phone were less than optimal; yet my spirit was not dampened. Being my first radio interview, there were some questions where I faltered and was not sure how to answer, which caused a bit of a shift in my level of confidence. It is precisely here that I find the "formula" to eating an elephant.

While it is critical to be in the moment in every one of our life's interactions, it is just as critical to be authentic. I may not yet be a master at "being in the moment," nor do I pretend to be. I do know with all certainty I am a master of being authentic, and in doing so I expose my vulnerability, fully understanding that it delivers me to the other side of my fear. Fear is nothing more than a thin layer of resistance I have learned to command at will. Will being the operative word, from it arises its close cousin "willingness." These two are a magnificent duo through which anyone can land on solid ground when it comes to breaking down that which appears to be larger than life.

No amount of observation or reference data can ever prepare us for our very own experiences. I see where my participation yielded a new understanding in the dynamic between host and guest. In this respect, I consider having eaten only the wagging tail of the elephant, a happy start. There is vast room for improvement and I know that I can easily get back on the saddle now that I have a point of reference.

It is my desire to inspire others to be authentic. As I mentioned during my interview, "Life is not about doing things perfectly, it is about consistency." We can embrace our "enoughness" when we allow fear and emotions to flow through us and not get trapped within. In the words of bestselling author Debbie Ford, a pioneer in shadow beliefs education who later offered her loving and precious support to me, "You have a lot to offer." We all do, and owe it to ourselves to cast our divine light into this world. We can do so by eating the elephant one bite at a time.

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