Fearless in Fashion

As the founder of Lubna Designs, Inc; a womenswear company offering ready-wear and elegant custom garments internationally, founded in Columbus, Ohio, I look to reinvent the whole shopping experience. As a fashion designer, I hope to influence fashion's return to a classic respect for formality -- longer hemlines, dressing for the body, and understanding how clothing and beauty work together for every woman and every shape. In order to achieve this mission, operationally, I have come to understand that people are not just buying the garments I design, but they are buying me and my story. Like the one Arianna tells of her trials and tribulations turning into opportunities and stages to her success, I see that small failures are not really failures but events that frame and help define the success of one's path in life and in my case, the success of balancing my personal and business life.

As a wife, step mother and a person of faith, I take pride in everything that I do. Too often, decisions are based off of emotion instead of logic and planning. Women are forced to pick off of a priority plate. What will I eat today and how will I hold myself accountable for it later? In my eyes, you don't have to choose. It's all about timing. Timing of your dreams and when you decide to put a plan and canvass behind that dream is what will get you to satisfy that inner priority voice. Thus, the question becomes, 'What will I eat first?'

With Lubna Designs, Inc, I am always seeking the advice of other female business moguls. At The Women's Book Release Event this year, Arianna Huffington spoke to about 400 people and her words resonated and held great value as I am constantly seeking suggestions on how to maintain consistency and grow my business through integrity and grit. "Be fearless," Huffington repeated. To me, this means, don't be afraid to choose what you want off the plate; when you want it. Your worth as a female business owner, wife and mother are not measured by others' scales of success. Huffington talked about taking leaps in life while taking care of oneself in the while. "You can be empowered by what you wear" is the tagline for Lubna Designs, but what we don't tell you is that you need to choose to be empowered in the first place. One must make the choice to want something then go out and get it. This all ties into being fearless in life, love and business.

Fashion is not my career. Fashion is a way of life and clothing is one way to express and present YOU every day. It's the business of fashion that has kept the industry alive and influential for centuries. So, maybe fashion is fearless, because it doesn't care who is wearing it or how they choose to depict it; it comes in all forms and languages, and it stands the test of time. Lubna Designs hopes to be part of the movement and with confidence and the right timing; success will continue to happen as I pick another item off the plate.

Join the movement and be empowered by what you wear.
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