Fearless Living Boot Camp, Day 15 (VIDEO)

"New" doesn't have to cost a lot, but itguarantee priceless benefits that are incalculable to your self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence.
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I love "new." New ideas. New connections. New careers. New loves.

Watch today's short Fearless Living Boot Camp video and find out what Marines, a museum and this challenge have to do with each other.

Marines are always going into new territories. They are well-trained, well-armed and well-prepared mentally. You need to be the same.

Getting into the habit of exploring new areas, new interests, new possibilities and keeping your mind open to the new experiences that come your way will train your brain to be more flexible, more resourceful and better able to handle stress with ease.

Your job today: Try something new. Something you've never done.

Your willingness to try new things is the only surefire indicator that you're ready to start igniting your imagination and start thinking and doing things that are outside your comfort zone. (Why do you think it's so hard to think of Stretches, Risks and Dies sometimes? Because if you aren't used to thinking a certain way, that way of thinking is beyond your reach UNLESS you are priming the pump on a regular basis and trying something new.)

Without your being open to newness, your life can't change -- even for the better.

Someone who isn't afraid of new experiences will automatically feel comfortable no matter where he is, no matter where he goes, no matter who he's with. Being excited to try something new is also magnetic to others. People want to be around fresh, new and hot.

So go ahead: Try out that new 99-cent hot coral lipstick, or a new 99-cent song on iTunes. "New" doesn't have to cost a lot, but it does guarantee priceless benefits that are incalculable to your self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence.

Bottom line: You show me someone who isn't afraid to try something new, and I will show you a person who will be successful no matter what.

We are halfway there! We are on Day 15 of Boot Camp, so by now, you know what to do. Go to socialworkout.com/fearlessliving and give yourself some points. What did you try that was new today, never before done? Was it a Stretch, Risk or Die for you? Grab those points, because I want you to WIN.

You could win my bestselling book, Fearless Living, or you could win THREE private one-on-one sessions with me, or my kick-butt Fearless Living Training Program. And of course, you'll receive the best gift of all: BECOMING FEARLESS!

If you are new to this blog and to the Fearless Living Boot Camp, it's not too late to enlist. To join the Boot Camp and log your fearless activity, use the Social Workout-powered widget just below. If you're a Facebook member, simply click the "Connect" button. To sign up with your email, cheer on your fellow enlistees, and see all the inspiring commentary, go to the Boot Camp homepage!

If you know anyone who could use a push to try something new, please share this blog with them. And please share this with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and family. The less afraid we are to try new things, the more we can become who we are meant to be.

Let's get Fearless!

P.S. Don't forget: If you missed previous Boot Camp posts, you can catch them by clicking here, then just clicking the appropriate links. C'mon -- there's plenty of time to sign up and join this life-changing challenge!

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