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Fearless Living Boot Camp, Day 10 (VIDEO)

When you are disorganized and you can't find what you need when you need it, you lose energy, time and money. Disorganization also lowers your confidence in yourself. Bottom line: It's not worth it.
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Happy "Day 10" of Fearless Living Boot Camp! Okay: How many people have been screwed up by the phrase "cleanliness is next to godliness"? I know -- me too. The guilt of the mess. Ugh!

I don't want you to clean up your mess under the false impression that you are going to get to heaven if you do it... but I do want you to clean up your clutter because you will FEEL BETTER and you will have more energy, time and money. Who doesn't want that?

Check out the short Fearless Living Boot Camp video below, and then keep reading... it's time to get on board and get fearless! (Yep, that goes for all of you who are just tuning in. It's not too late to join!)

Some creative folks (me included) do well with a tad bit of mess around them. Those "orderly piles" actually help certain folks stay sane -- if they know what's in them. (I have a pile in my office that contains stuff I need, and so it stays.) But those other piles... ugh! Disorderly piles just get us depressed.

My sister is a prime example of the disorderly-pile phenomenon. She keeps her house super clean, yet when you open up her drawers... YOU CAN'T FIND A THING. On the outside, her house looks great. But last time I was there, I opened up a drawer and it had (no joke) a bag of candy from who knows when, a stack of pencils, playing cards from a vacation she took two years ago, three pairs of earrings (one broken), a bunch of sample shampoos, some unused birthday cards, old spoons, eye drops, four washcloths and her 2010 taxes. I kid you not. Oh wait: There was also some other miscellaneous paperwork in a file of sorts.

My poor sister can't find a thing. Her friends consider her spotless and organized; little do they know her hidden secret...

See, when you are disorganized and you can't find what you need when you need it, you lose energy, time and money. Disorganization also lowers your confidence in yourself. Bottom line: It's not worth it.

So: You can have your ONE pile -- if you know what's in it. But since more than a pile or two will deplete your inner resources, I bet you can guess what the challenge is for today...


Get rid of your junk. I'm talking three piles' worth. Three. Get rid of it. Today.

It's time to clean up your mess so you can clean up your mind -- and have more money, time and energy at your disposal.

Once you've done today's challenge, track your points over on the Social Workout homepage! If today's challenge was a Stretch, add 1 point to your total. A Risk? Add 7 points. If this challenge was a "Die" for you (maybe you haven't cleaned anything out in FOREVER), give yourself 28 points. (The point system is explained more fully both here and on Social Workout's homepage, if you're not quite sure.)

The more points you have, the greater your chances of winning. Everyone loves to win, right? You could win my bestselling book, Fearless Living, or you could win THREE private one-on-one sessions with me, or my kick-butt Fearless Living Training Program. And of course, you'll receive the best gift of all: BECOMING FEARLESS!

To join the Boot Camp and log your fearless activity, use the Social Workout-powered widget just below. If you're a Facebook member, simply click the "Connect" button. To sign up with your email, cheer on your fellow enlistees, and to see all the inspiring commentary, go to the Boot Camp homepage!

And don't forget to pass this video along to those you care about. Let's help your loved ones get fearless!

Until tomorrow,

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