Fearless Living Boot Camp, Day 11 (VIDEO)

Today's Fearless Living Boot Camp video asks you to do something that will help you let go of the past. It's a must-do.
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Have you ever made a mistake? Maybe hurt someone when you didn't mean to? Or said something out of line but didn't know how to take it back? Perhaps you've been accused of putting someone down when that wasn't your intention?

Today's Fearless Living Boot Camp video asks you to do something that will help you let go of the past. It's a must-do. Watch it now...

We've all found ourselves in the muddy waters of miscommunication and haven't known how to get out of it. Most of my life I didn't know how to get myself out of a pickle. I just stayed stuck in it. And there were even times I blamed the other person for getting me into it.

THEY weren't understanding.
THEY said something out of line first.
THEY didn't give ME a break, so why should I give them one?

And every time I used the word "THEY," I didn't have to take responsibility for my part. I mean, if they even had a small part, I figured I didn't have to say anything.

But that is wrong. Dead wrong.

The only way out of my own fear-based thinking was to take full responsibility for my part. Of anything. And that means that sometimes, I must say, "I am sorry." And mean it. Truly.

What I learned is that any time I withheld "I'm sorry," I was staying victimized by the situation. Even if I had built up evidence that I was right. Learning to say "I am sorry" is the only real way to OWN YOUR STUFF when it's YOUR STUFF. So say it. Now.

That's right: Today's Fearless Living Boot Camp challenge is to say "I am sorry" to someone you owe it to. I bet you can come up with at least one person to say it to. And if saying it out loud is a "Die," you have other options. Writing it down and giving it to them is one. Or if you can't bear that, then at least write it down and admit it to yourself. (If you can admit it to the person, you eventually must.)

I get that you might not be quite ready. But eventually you will be ready. I know this. So get ready now.

Watch the video for more hints on how to say "I am sorry." It's Day 11 of Boot Camp, and it's time to do something BIG on your journey to fearlessness.

Give yourself some credit for doing whatever you decide to do, and count up your points on the Social Workout homepage. Remember: A Stretch is 1 point, a Risk is 7 points, and a Die is 28 points. (The point system is explained more fully here and on Social Workout's homepage.) Points can help you win! You could win my bestselling book, Fearless Living, or you could win THREE private one-on-one sessions with me, or my kick-butt Fearless Living Training Program. And of course, you'll receive the best gift of all: BECOMING FEARLESS!

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Share this video on your Facebook page, on your Twitter feed and forward it via email to your loved ones. EVERYONE has someone they owe an "I'm sorry" to. Help the people you care about clean up their past today, so they can MOVE ON. I know they will thank you for it.

Until tomorrow, let's get fearless!

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