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Muslim Doctor and Rapper takes on The Donald

In his latest song called Fearless, Lazarus expresses his anger intelligently towards the current state of affairs in the country of his birth and how he feels about what Donald Trump is doing and what he represents.

If Trump does somehow pull off the impossible a couple of days from now then Lazarus AKA Kamran Rashid Khan has made himself a big target going forward by openly challenging someone who could be the leader of the "free world" within 48 hours.

Normally, speaking out against a presidential candidate would not be considered such an act of fearlessness in a country like America but the title of his latest song is fitting because The Donald is not your usual candidate. Trump has already threatened to have his opponent imprisoned if he wins!

Given Trump's nature and how he has such thin skin when it comes to criticism and him even saying they should cancel Saturday Night Live because he didn't like how Alec Baldwin was portraying him, can you imagine what he would do if he got his hands on the power that the presidency allows a person?!

If the past is any indicator, given his vindictive nature, it's not a stretch to think that Trump could make a list of his detractors right away after getting into office and someone like Lazarus being Muslim and so outspoken the way he is, would be on that list I'm sure.

Here below at this link is what current President, Barrack Obama had to say about Trump's reaction to the Saturday Night Live skits. Obama also states that Trump is not someone 'you want in charge of nuclear weapons' given his nature. https://www.facebook.com/cnn/videos/10155551774211509/?pnref=story

I remember watching videos and reading interviews about Hip Hop artist Lazarus AKA Kamran Rashid Khan a few years ago and have followed his work ever since. Khan was studying medicine at the time in Detroit and releasing music simultaneously.

Today he is a practicing physician in Las Vegas, where he lives with his wife. He is a very unique and multi-talented individual and his life's work thus far is very impressive and he has a bright future..........that is if The Donald doesn't get elected and makes that list! You never know what Muslims will face if a Trump presidency becomes a reality. It is sad to think that in a country like America such discussions are even being had in this day and age with all of supposed evolution our species has gone through.

Lazarus' current song includes this verse: "Donald wants my arm embedded, Muslims cannot stay here. Now I'm feeling like a mutant but am I Magnus or Xavier?" When asked for his thoughts about that verse in an interview with the Examiner, Lazarus stated that: "It's like the comic book "X-Men." As silly as it may sound, Muslims are the new mutants of today's society. Senator Kelly in the "X-Men" and Donald Trump are basically saying the same thing. There is supposed violence taking place by Muslims somewhere, now we must propose a ban on them all."

Kamran Rashid Khan which the name given to him at birth, originally started rapping without a stage name but later changed his name to Lazarus due to hate crimes and racial stereotyping he saw around him and personally experienced. He stated in an interview with The Source magazine that after 9/11 he felt that his chances of becoming a rapper were finished and that his stage name metaphors the biblical character that resurrected from the dead.

Fast forward some fifteen plus years later, he is now using this resurrection to educate people through his music and share his own personal outrage at what is going on in America.

Today's expressions of freedom of speech could turn into tomorrow's prison sentences the way things are trending in North America and I know from personal experience that all of this could happen in a first world country. Trump has openly stated that he would try and change some of the laws when it comes to freedom of speech, if he is elected.

When I spoke to Lazarus recently, I asked him about how he felt about the possibility of a Trump presidency, he stated that he "believes it won't actually happen and that a lot of good might actually come out of it all after the election is over because Trump has opened up a dialogue that was necessary to begin the work needed to heal the major divides that still exist in America today".

To view the video for Fearless click here Lazarus featuring KXNG Crooked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hos57HFnrXw

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