'Feather Brows' Are Here And The Internet Has A Lot Of Feelings

Some think it's fly while others … not so much.

Feather eyebrows are not a flight of fancy.

They are a real thing, created by real teens living in the real country of Finland.

Stella Sironen, a 19-year-old makeup artist and her friend, Leevi Ikäheimo, came up with the idea by accident one lazy Sunday while Ikäheimo was brushing out Sironen’s eyebrows.

“Suddenly he busted out laughing,” Sironen told the Huffington Post.

Curious, Sironen took a gander at herself on her phone’s camera and totally got it.

“He had made a middle part on my brows … and we just laughed about it for the rest of the night.”

Sironen thought the look was so funny, that the next day she took a glue stick to her brows and decided to part them again. She paired the feathered follicles with some eye-catching blue mascara and posted a picture of the creation to Instagram.

The post soon went viral, receiving over 45,000 likes and the hashtag #featherbrows was born. The bold brow also ended up being pretty polarizing, tearing the online beauty community into two firm camps: Team YAS I Shall Recreate This Look and Team Ick, No Those Are The Stuff Of Nightmares.

Opinions were expressed on Instagram and Twitter.

As for Sironen, she is surprised by the response, especially since she posted her photo in jest. She even posted a second photo of the look and in the caption explained that the initial photo was a joke.

Yet, regardless of her post’s nature, she doesn’t really get the uproar about eyebrows.

“It’s strange that there is eye art, lip art and many other forms of creative makeup but brows have remained untouchable for years,” Sironen told HuffPost. “We’ve seen crazy eyebrows on fashion editorials and runways forever. I truly hope that this inspired makeup artists to explore brow art and experiment more!”