Featured Fifty Fine Arts: High Tide

From Polish ancestry, artist Cherie Dacko was born in Chicago but raised in Tampa, Florida. She received her BA at USF and joined an Ybor City artist's co-op after graduation. Her 25-year career of photographic retouching and restoration honed her skills as a portraitist and piqued her interest in antique imagery and clothing. Dacko has painted her entire life and figures she is well past the "10,000 hour rule." She has taught classes in painting, drawing, and global arts to adults, teens and children for the past 10 years in museums, galleries and in her studio at Gallery on First in Sanford, FL. Her distinctive style of warped figurative paintings, "Bent Realism," has earned her a loyal following, and collectors range from a 9-year-old to a 90-year-old. Her work is in public and private collections (including that of political satirist Stephen Colbert) throughout the United States, Canada and France. Website: www.cheriedacko.com

High Tide" is a 2011 24" x 24" oil painting on board. I have a style called "Bent Realism" that focuses on the warping of the physical to reflect more of the internal mood or personality. In this case, these are two monstrous little girls who have been sent to a "naughty spot" that is slowly being surrounded by high tide. It was inspired by watching Jo, the British nanny on TV. She is amazing and helps countless families, but I had to give it my "bent" twist. I am a very immature 59-year-old.

High Tide