Featured Fifty Fine Arts: Peace Of The Orient

Growing up in a large artistic family led me to begin drawing about the age of five. I was selling portraits in High School and then went on to DuCret School of Art in Plainfield, NJ to fine tune my skills. I've had many freelance portrait and illustration jobs over the years. In 2009, with a new life ahead of me I asked, "Can I reinvent myself after 50?" And to those who ask the same question I say, Oh yes you can!

I manage a Right at Home Senior Homecare office. During the day, my hands hold the phone and punch the keyboard as I manage a great group of caregivers to their daily assignments in clients' homes. At night, those very same hands hold a rainbow of colored pencils and together we create some amazing art!

Colored Pencil Art consists of many layers of professional grade colored pencils, blending together to make a finished painting. It is a science in color-layering. Each piece can take many long hours to complete. But it is a medium unlike any other.

I am an artist, member of the CPSA (Colored Pencil Society of America). You can find many of us on the web and on Facebook.

Reinvention as an artist after 50? Yeah, it happens! That's why I married photojournalist Tom Shewbrooks earlier this year. Together, we make a great creative team, always uplifting each other in our passion. Find your passion in life!