Featured Fifty Fine Arts: We're Seeking Your Photos, Art Work

Huff/Post50 Fine Arts: We're Seeking Your Photos, Art Work

Dear Readers,

Since we launched Featured Fifty Fiction we have had enormous success uncovering abundantly talented people who write beautifully and who have shared their work with us. That got me thinking. If there are so many talented writers out there, might there not be talented artists and photographers, as well? At Huff/Post50 we believe there are.

Therefore, we invite all artists and photographers to submit their work. Please email us an attached jpeg -- your best photo or an image of your piece of art -- to 50arts@huffingtonpost.com. Please put "50 arts" in the subject line. In addition, please include a paragraph or so telling us a bit about the work you attached. We will begin featuring the best submissions next week.

The rules: You must be 50 or older to participate. You can submit only one photo or piece of art work per year. Please send your original work, as well as your contact details, to 50arts@huffingtonpost.com. And please make sure you have the rights to your photos.

I can't wait to see what is waiting out there that the world will soon get a chance to see.

Bring it on!

Rita Wilson

Rita Wilson is an actor, singer, producer and Huff/Post50's editor at large.

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