Featured Fifty Poetry: Exotic Birds

Exotic Birds
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Strider Marcus Jones is a poet, law graduate and ex-civil servant. His interests include writing poetry, reading, history, archaeology, fantasy fiction, classic novels, rock, classical, jazz, opera, old black and white films, and playing Tolkien type fantasy role playing games. Strider loves forests, mountains, deserts and beaches. He is a member of the Poetry Society, and has published five books of poetry: Aspects Of Love; Inside Out; Mavericks; Wooded Windows and Pomegranate Flesh. You can see more of his work here.

My poetry is modern, traditional, mythical in a Tolkien sense and sometimes erotic. I experiment with language and form to convey atmosphere, imagery, rhythm and themes. I see the world as metaphysical, mythical and surreal. My poetry portrays the relationships between people interacting in our natural and industrial landscape, alienated by technology and individual greed. Love, relationships, environment, nostalgia, history and politics merge into this reality and fantasy of modern times.

Exotic Birds

i love the substance

of eccentric style

in your beauty-

the enchanting glance

of old fashioned romance

in your smile

that softly soothes me

after the external joust dust

of modernity


on precious metals

sought by Faustus

stealing gas and oil

from African soil.

i love the dink

in the middle of your back

where my fingers sink

when i trace and track

the road of your spine

in perfect sync

of mind with mine.

i last, near and far

in your scented clouds of cinnabar,

singing, with you, want you, words

like intoxicating exotic birds-

ready to leave poisonous suburbs

to disturbed self and same

arrogant and vain

vices and vines

embracing abyss in eclipsed times.

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