Featured New Artist: Exes , With Exclusive Video Premiere "Marshall"

"Marshall" by Exes

Riding on the wave of excitement around a new Sony/ATV licensing deal, newcomers L.A.-based indie pop-punk rock band Exes vault on the alternative music scene after being "Birthed in a bedroom studio after a lifetime of screaming the choruses 'El Scorcho' and 'Your Little Hoodrat Friend.'" Snarky, cynical and jaded, especially when it comes to ex-girlfriends, their latest three-song EP Massive Nights is fun and masterfully danceable, with lyrics anyone who's been scorched by an ex will easily relate to, and probably turn up to full volume.

"A lot of these particular songs are more me getting past my own baggage, writing it out, dealing with it, calling myself out on how ridiculous I can [be]. Life is messy, but there's such a beauty in being honest about how terrible and wonderful relationships can be." - Sam Young

Members Sam Young (Primary Lyricist, Vocals and Guitar); Stevensly Rippin (Bass Guitar); Ryan "IMMA" Saylor (Drums); and Eddy "CAN'T FAIL" Hewitt (Guitar, Vocals and Horns) are currently recording at Kitten Robot Studios as they gradually add towards a full-length LP. According to Hewitt, "We're trying to get stuff out as our funding will allow," with the plan to release at least one new song for the "summertime."

You can check out their music and get info on upcoming shows at these links:

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