Federico Chamorro Yax Arrested In Brooklyn Sexual Assaults (VIDEO)

WATCH: Man Arrested In Brooklyn Sexual Assaults

Federico Chamorro Yax is in police custody after allegedly attacking two 22-year old women in Sunset Park on Sunday.

Yax reportedly groped one of the two women, who attempted to fight back. After falling to the ground, Yax began to grope the second woman and then ran.

Hours later police found Yax in his Bensonhurst apartment still bleeding from the fight.

Yax is also being tied to a similar attack from September 4 when he allegedly forced his hand up the skirt of a 30-year old woman nearby his home.

Police have been searching for suspects connected to a series of sexual assaults being reported in Brooklyn, specifically Park Slope, Sunset Park, and other nearby neighborhoods. As of September 23, ten attacks had been reported since March and have contributed to a rise in subway crime.

Police say that it is still unknown however, whether or not Yax can be connected to the Park Slope attacks, which have generated a wave of community action to fight against sexual predators including a 300 person rally and volunteer escort services to protect women walking home from subway stations.

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