FedEx Delivery Goes Wrong As Amazon Order Is Left In Shambles (PHOTOS)

What would you do if this was your package?

It's hard to describe the excitement of receiving a package that you've been waiting on for so long. It's almost like Christmas Day all over again -- unless your order arrived looking as if it's been opened and thrown down some stairs after being mauled by an angry raccoon.

That's exactly what happened to one woman, who came home to find her FedEx delivery of a treadmill she ordered from Amazon completely in shambles. Reddit user dirtyfries posted photos of what the packaging looked like and said the delivery company "doesn't see a problem with it."

The worst part of this story might be that this was the woman's second delivery of this treadmill. According to dirtyfries, the first order was shipped by UPS and also damaged. This was a replacement by FedEx, which the receiver has yet to open but she "could hear a lot of squeaking and cracking, and it flexes in the middle, so it's likely destroyed as well." Supposedly, the item is under review by for this very reason.

The photos prompted other users to complain about the delivery companies. Reddit user Nopleone wrote about how he/she ordered a Playstation 3 and FedEx allegedly left it out on the front porch in the rain while the user was home.

There were also complaints that Amazon Prime, a membership program on the site, is also a little wonky. "All of my 2-day packages through Prime have arrived delivered by an unmarked car or a car marked as 'Prestige Delivery,'” wrote Reddit user aldrea. That's strange.

TheRugsTopogrpahy, a Reddit user who claims to work for Amazon, wrote that there was no way the company would let a package go out for delivery looking like this. "We deem it damaged if the hole is larger than a silver dollar.” Their comment also went on to explain that Amazon deals with different delivery vendors.

But not everyone is having an issue with how Amazon operates. Reddit user averynicehat wrote, "once I ordered a $10 saw, and after it shipped I realized that I already owned one. I set up a return when the amazon saw came, and they refunded me and just said keep it because I'm a preferred customer. Pretty rad."

Pretty rad indeed.

Click through the slideshow to see the damaged goods and head over to Reddit for more information. And tell us: What's been your worst mail order experience?

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