Feds Track Down Man Who Allegedly Threatened To Hang Congressman

“I suggest you prepare for battle and the apocalypse," he allegedly said.

A Florida man was arrested Friday after allegedly threatening to hang a congressman by a lamppost.

Charles Zachary Howard, of Winter Park, allegedly left an anonymous voicemail with the unidentified congressman in Washington, D.C., promising to “hunt your ass down, wrap a rope around your neck and hang you from a lamppost.”

He reportedly invoked the KKK and Nazis when he told the congressman, “I suggest you prepare for battle motherf―-ers and the apocalypse.”

Federal authorities were able to track the number to Howard’s cell phone, according to court documents obtained by the Orlando Sentinel. They interviewed him on Monday, but he denied the allegations.

On Friday, news station WFTV confronted him with the federal complaint, and he dared the federal authorities to take him in.

“There’s two agents over there. Why don’t they come arrest me? Why aren’t they arresting me?” he reportedly asked. “Because I haven’t done anything wrong. That’s why.”

Minutes later, they did. They also found evidence that Howard had called dozens of congressmen this year, though it wasn’t immediately clear if any of those calls included threats.

Howard was slapped with a federal charge of threatening to injure a person across state lines.

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