Feed A Child Apologizes For Allegedly Racist Ad

Feed A Child Apologizes For Allegedly Racist Commercial

Feed A Child may fight to leave no child hungry, but its latest commercial has left many questioning the ethics of the South African humanitarian organization.

Now suspended from YouTube, the ad's depiction of an upper class white woman feeding a little black boy raised accusations of racism for portraying the child akin to a dog. While Feed A Child has apologized for the Oglivy & Mather-commissioned commercial, they've also defended their original intentions.

"From Feed A Child's side, we don't look at color," founder and CEO Alza Rautenbach told South African news network eNCA. "To us there isn't a black and a white and an Indian. ... The reason was not to stir a negative reaction or offend anyone. We do apologize for that. To us it was a woman and a child."

Watch the clip above to see the commercial and hear more about the controversy surrounding it.

Correction: An earlier version of this story linked to the wrong charity.

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