Feedback: A Combustion Engine Is Much Better Than a Bomb (9.5)

How often could you productively get together with your colleagues and ask, "How are we working together? Is there anything I could do to make your work better? Or to improve our relationship? Or to help increase your well-being and happiness?" Or to share, "I thought of something you could do to help me do my work, improve our relationship, and make me feel better; do you have a moment for me to tell you?"

Certainly more than once or twice a year, almost surely more than once a quarter, and probably more than once a month.

Then why have these conversations only as formal "feedback sessions" come performance evaluation time?

And if this is a good idea at work, why not also do it at home?

In this video, I suggest how to use performance improvement conversations as a way to express to others how much you care about them. And I extend the idea to express to your loved ones how much you care about them.

Should you have any difficulty viewing the video please click here to view on Slideshare.

Readers: Is there a conversation you could have right now that would help you and a colleague improve the way you work together?

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