Feeding Peace: This Week In Daily Giving

Feeding Peace: This Week In Daily Giving
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This week at The Pollination Project, we recognize seven grantees whose projects are bringing peace to their communities. Volunteers in Maryland engage in sustainable gardening to provide to the less fortunate while in North Carolinian youth affected by incarceration are provided leadership opportunities. With visions of compassionate communities, these projects and their grantees are founded in helping others through giving their all.

We welcome our seven newest seed grant recipients to the family!

Chris Watson, Seeds of Grace Community Garden Ministry, Middle River, Maryland, USA. Volunteers dedicate themselves to sustainable growing of fruits, vegetables and berries for the less fortunate.

Yolanda Price and Darrick Price, Chain-Breakers Project, Inc., Waxhaw, North Carolina, USA. At risk youth and those impacted by incarceration are afforded tutoring, mentoring and leadership training.


Eric Miller, The Lawn Academy, Detroit, Michigan, USA. Young men provide free lawn care services to the elderly and handicapped to best positively impact their community.

Julia Frei, Healthy Lives & Happiness for Refugee Families in Limbo, Bogor, Indonesia. Refugee volunteers design and implement community health activities and recreation and wellness classes.

Elvira Villalobos, Feeding Peace with Organic Local Vegetables, Sesquilé, Colombia. An organic garden and vegetable shop empower women to engage in longstanding farming traditions.


Owoicho Apochi Nelson and Judith Sambe, Youth-LEAD (Youth Leadership Empowerment and Attitude Development), Adoka, Nigeria. A one-year leadership empowerment program trains and mentors youth with grassroots, micro programs.

Maria Neil, Increase Public Presence Through Website Development and Outreach Materials, Columbus, Ohio, USA. Young women receive information, resources and support on maternal and neonatal health.

Do you have a project with the intent to help make the world a better place for all? We accept grant applications for Pollination Project seed grants, every day of the year. We love learning about changemakers across all continents and hemispheres and all they are doing to spread compassion, peace, sustainability, generosity and justice.

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