Feeling the Love All Year Long


Valentine's Day may have passed, but my kids' haul of chocolate is still lingering. As I attempt to avoid eating just one more piece, I can't help but think about all the love for climate action we felt over the weekend.

Our Climate Valentines: Time to Define the Relationship blog generated thousands of interactions with our followers. And many of you got in on the action and created your own #ClimateValentine poems for the planet. I was so impressed with your creativity that I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorites.

And don't let the passing of Valentine's Day end your love for protecting our children's health. Continue to speak out and join us on Facebook and Twitter. Now is the time to #ActOnClimate.

My favorite #ClimateValentines

@Climatelllo: Unlinke our recyclables, I never want us to be separated.

@dahawk7834: Some folks vote red, Others vote blue, But smart folks vote NO on more CO2

@MarkeyMemo: Republicans are red, Democrats are blue, I support #climate action, And so should you

@lauraetam: Roses are brown. There's no water here. My hope's for some serious climate action this year.

@adriannaq: Roses are red, oceans are blue, the earth will be better, with less CO2.

@tomasczt: Love our mother, there's only one, #climatechange is real, undo damage done.

@ConservationCo: Roses are red, fossil fuels are stupid, this Valentines Day #renewables are our Cupid!