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Felice Cohen Moves Out Of Tiny, Upper West Side 90-Square Foot Apartment (VIDEO)

It's been a little while since we last checked in on writer Felice Cohen and her adventures living in her 90-square foot apartment on the Upper West Side. To refresh your memory, compromises included living without a kitchen, getting rid of her large book collection, and a minor panic attack.

Cohen may have enjoyed getting creatively feng-shui with the cozy space, but after five years of residence and 4 million views of internet stardom, her landlord is telling her she's an illegal subletter and wants to jack up the rent to $1200.

Not to worry though. Having saved so much money on her "microstudio" for the past five years, Cohen is trading spaces and moving on up to an apartment nearly five times the size and just a few blocks away.

Cohen's story is a rare happy ending for Manhattanites now struggling with increasing rent prices and less vacancies.

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