Felicity Hayward, Plus-Size Model, Talks Body Acceptance

Meet Felicity Hayward. She's one of Britain's latest "It Girls" -- and a plus-size model who happens to be outspoken and eloquent about issues of body image.

Hayward, who was discovered at a London club, refuses to think of her size as anything to be ashamed of.

My size never came into my mind. I would never change myself for anyone, I'm a good representation of the average British woman. Anyone can get their arse in a certain dress. Just because I'm bigger, it doesn't mean I hate skinny girls. Numbers don't matter.

Hayward isn't interested in perpetuating an us vs. them narrative when it comes to "plus size" and "straight size" body types. She's very invested in celebrating women's bodies at all sizes. In a January 2013 interview with Motilo magazine, she described what her ideal women's magazine would be like:

The Pink Palace (named after Jayne Mansfield’s house), it would dedicated to the beauty of women of ALL shapes and sizes. I feel all woman should be celebrated together whether they are labelled size zero, "regular" or plus-size.

Now that's a women's magazine we'd definitely read.



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