Felicity McCoy, Ohio Girl, Allegedly Beaten On School Bus By Teen Twice Her Age

Felicity McCoy, an 8-year-old in Frankfort, Ohio, had to take a day off school last week after an alleged beating that left her traumatized.

Adena Schools officials are investigating allegations that Felicity suffered beating on a school bus from a high school student more than twice her age. Felicity suspects that the 17-year-old was upset for tripping over her foot, which Felicity didn't realize was in the aisle. She tells WBNS that the teen hit her in the face three times.

"She just came up, grabbed me by my hair and started to hit me in my eye," Felicity told the station.

Schools Superintendent Dave Warne told WBNS that the offending teen faces expulsion after being suspended and barred from bus services.

Felicity's story echoes that of a number of school bus bullying incidents from around the country that have garnered strong response. Chilling video of 10-year-old Cequan Haskins being viciously bullied on a school bus in May 2011 was released publicly by the boy's mother at a press conference in Appomattox County, Va. Footage of physical and verbal abuse continues for 40 minutes and includes racial and sexual slurs. Cequan can be heard screaming as two 15-year-old male bullies reportedly hold a hot cigarette lighter to his skin

This past March, two female students from Mooresville High School in North Carolina were suspended after another student used her cellphone to film the girls viciously bullying a male student on a school bus.
A few months later, a student from Franklin Township Middle School East in Indiana was arrested after a cell phone video of a vicious school bus fight was posted to Facebook. The fight broke out when one student had taken a seat on the bus that another wanted.

And over the summer, a Reddit user uploaded an upsetting video of a student wearing a Darth Vader helmet on a school bus, reportedly to protect himself from bullies.



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