Felix Salmon: The U.S.'s 'Rather Crazy' Tax Policy 'Doesn't Make Any Sense At All'

Financial journalist Felix Salmon weighed in on the U.S.'s "rather crazy tax policy" during an interview with HuffPost Live at the 2015 World Economic Forum, saying it "doesn't make any sense at all."

"There's a rather crazy tax policy in the U.S. where the very rich pay lower tax rates than most Americans, and that doesn't make any sense at all," Salmon said.

Salmon, who joined Fusion in April 2014 and previously worked at Reuters, said "everyone thinks that they're middle class."

"Even the one percent think they're middle class," Salmon said.

Salmon also had some criticism for those who attend the Davos annual meeting, saying they are "beneficiaries of global inequality."

"If your way to conquer global inequality is for rich people to get together and conquer it for you, then it's not going to happen. Really," Salmon said.

Below, more updates from Davos: