Felix Trujillo, Denver Jail Inmate, Escapes Wearing Deputy's Uniform

The sheriff's department in Denver says a deputy has been arrested after he was accused of helping a fugitive who left the county jail wearing a deputy's uniform.

The deputy was identified as Matthew Andrews, a two-year veteran of the department. He's accused of assisting 24-year-old Felix Trujillo escape, a class-three felony. Andrews was arrested Monday at Denver police headquarters.

"Felix Trujillo may be armed and should be considered extremely dangerous," the Denver Sheriff's Department said.

Trujillo escaped from Denver Jail around 7 p.m. Sunday and there were reports that he walked out wearing a deputy's uniform.

According to a report by 7News, Trujillo has an long criminal record that includes escape, felony menacing, domestic violence and assault.

Authorities say that this marks the first escape from the new facility, which open in 2010.

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