Women Cab Drivers In New York City: 'Narratively' Profiles Females Behind The Wheel (VIDEO)

However politically incorrect, we're guessing many New Yorkers would be surprised to find themselves in a cab driven by a woman.

Women behind the wheel of taxis are indeed a rare sight in New York City, so it took a while for Diana Diroy to track down two stereotype-defying female hacks for the mini-documentary you see above.

Watch as Shonna Valeska and Elena Tenchikova discuss the grueling hours and why the industry might be a happier place if more women drove cabs.

Diroy explains on Narratively, a new online publication which (congrats!) just reached its fundraising goal on Kickstarter:

Loud flashes of yellow are all around you in this city—46,000 taxi sedans, vans and S.U.V.’s streaking across the streets of New York. Yet, only about 170 of them are driven by women, a percentage even lower than the national average. In all my years of hopping into cabs here, and elsewhere, I never met a female driver until I shot this documentary. I needed to find them.

I went from one taxi garage to the next, the only woman in a sea of men, and the drivers would look at me like I was crazy. For weeks I had no luck. Then one evening, a good friend of mine hailed a cab—and there was Shonna Valeska behind the wheel. He told her about my project, wrote her phone number down on a record sleeve, and texted me right away.