Female Fortune 500 CEOs At Record High

Female Fortune 500 CEOs At Record High

With Mylan Pharmaceuticals' announcement today that Heather Bresch -- company president and daughter of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin -- would succeed outgoing CEO Robert Coury, the number of female CEOs on the Forbes Fortune 500 list reached 18, a new record.

At 42, Bresch is the youngest female CEO on the list. Though joining the ranks of the Fortune 500 CEO club puts her in the company of some of the most prolific and successful Post50 women in the world.

At #11, Hewlitt-Packard CEO and former Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman leads the charge as the first woman named on a list that also includes such titans as Andrea Jung, Indra Nooyi and Patricia Woertz.

Here are the 16 Post50 women named by Forbes in its annual top Fortune 500 CEOs list:

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#11 Meg Whitman

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