What Do You Say To Sexist Passengers? This Female Pilot Has The Perfect Response.

"Fact is, I can fly an £80m jet, you can’t."

This female pilot is using Twitter to call out two sexist passengers.

A British aviator who is known online as Charlotte The Pilot hit back at two male passengers who’d insulted women pilots on a recent flight:

“Baffled as to why 2 male pax felt that these comments were necessary,” Charlotte Knowlson wrote, before sharing their sexist remarks about women flying aircraft.

″‘Are you the pilot? If I’d know (sic) I wouldn’t have got on,’” she writes in a tweet, attributing the quote to one of the passengers.

“Fact is,” she responds. “I can fly an £80m jet, you can’t.” 

In subsequent tweets, Knowlson revealed her initial response was to “be professional, laugh and ask them if they were enjoying the flight.” She rethought her stance, however, after a flight attendant “expressed her anger.”

The kind of attitude exhibited by those passengers puts women off pursuing careers in male-dominated industries, she said. Knowlson added that she “didn’t get where I am today by listening to these kinds of comments.”

“I’m not offended, I’m not disheartened,” she wrote. “I’m saddened by the fact that this is the attitude some still have and think it is ok to make these comments to women.”

Check out the full tweet thread here:

Knowlson did not say which airline she is affiliated with. She did not immediately return HuffPost’s request for comment.

But her tweets about sexism in the industry touched a nerve with her 12,500 Twitter followers. It prompted others to share their own inspirational stories on the social media platform: