Buffalo Bills Fans To Sports Writer Jennifer Gish: 'Stay In The Kitchen'

Buffalo Bills Fans Tell Female Sportswriter To 'Stay In The Kitchen'

It's not easy being a woman in today's society. And it's really not easy being a woman and a sports journalist.

Jennifer Gish, a sports columnist for the Albany Times-Union, received hundreds of sexist messages -- one of which told her to "stay in the kitchen next time" -- after writing about the hopelessness of the Buffalo Bills last week.

Gish re-printed some of the messages, which attacked her looks, used profanity and said that women don't know anything about football, in her column on Thursday. Some of the more offensive examples:

"So how does it feel to be both a woman and so wrong about football? I guess those two go hand in hand."

"seen some photos of you and you are as ugly as your story about we bills fans.
we may lose, we may win but you will still be ugly either way.
in response to this story
and you may want to consider plastic surgery or something, you are one god awful ugly looking female."

Gish told Romenesko that she received 300 emails, almost half of which took on a sexist or hateful tone, and a dozen voicemails "mostly laced with profanity." Fans even beseeched each other to email her on a one message board.

In her column on Thursday, Gish -- who noted that her editors supported her and her response to the situation -- framed the fan reaction as a wider problem in sports, and looked forward to young girls who are interested in sports. "And maybe someday, when they grow up wanting to be sports columnists -- when the inevitable blitz comes -- they won't have to check their blind side," she wrote.

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