FEMA's Fake News Conference Named 2007's Biggest PR Disaster

It has been yet another banner year for all manner of PR gaffes and errors. The 13th Annual Top 10 PR Blunders List, compiled by San Francisco's Fineman PR, includes a phony press conference, a buzz-marketing bust-up and Los Angeles County's favorite party girl.

1. "No Reporters? No Problem." (ABC News)
2. Buzz Marketing Gone Bust
3. "Why I Hate Race-Baiting Columns" (San Francisco Chronicle)
4. Iggy Come Home!
5. "Not So Simple Life" (
6. When the Hand that Feeds Bites
7. LUV: Not in the Air
8. If You Can't Stand the Heat ...
9. Lost in Translation
10. "over b4 it began"

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