FEMEN, Ukrainian Women's Rights Group, Protests Russian Elections (TOPLESS PHOTOS)

Feminists Strip Down To Protest Russian Elections

Russians aren't the only people protesting the allegedly rigged parliamentarian elections held earlier this month.

Turns out FEMEN, a Ukrainian feminist group, is also up in arms about the win of Vladimir Putin's United Russia party in the Dec. 4 elections.


To show their disapproval, FEMEN protesters stripped down in front of The Cathedral Of Christ The Savior in Moscow on Friday, holding signs that said, "God Get Rid Of The Czar,' AGI reports.

The women were detained by security guards and taken into police custody, Reuters reports. The women were released shortly after being detained.

In an effort to explain their stance, the the FEMEN protesters wrote about the Moscow demonstrations today on their website. They noted that during the protests, one of their activists dislocated her arm as a result of a scuffle with the guards.

This isn't the first time the Russian prime minister has motivated women to show skin. According to the New York Post, an Internet campaign kicked off on YouTube in July invited Russian women to strip to show their support for Putin's presidential campaign.

Putin, who became prime minister in 2008 after serving two presidential terms, this week filed his application to once again seek Russsia's highest office in the March presidential election.

Check out the below images capturing FEMEN protesters stripping down in Moscow Friday.

Russian Woman Strips In Protest Of Putin Election

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