2014 Was A Bad Year For Women, But A Good Year For Feminism

Women's rights advocates didn't have it easy this past year, what with the Hobby Lobby decision limiting birth control access, Missouri's Abortion Permission bill and that state's 72 hour waiting period, and SCOTUS coming down against abortion buffer zone requirements. Altogether, not a ton of progress -- and, upsettingly, a decent amount of regression when it came to reproductive rights.

But that didn't hamper significant achievement by women across the globe. In fact, in many ways the feminist movement gained more traction in 2014.

Look at Shonda Rhimes, the woman behind "Grey's Anatomy," "How To Get Away With Murder," and arguably the most successful producer in network television today.

"I think that even if you don't particularly care for her shows, you have to kind of look at what she's managed to do as a woman, as a black woman," Feminista Jones, a love and sex editor at BlogHer.Com, pointed out in a HuffPost Live conversation on Tuesday, Dec. 23.

"To basically co-opt an entire night of television and basically run with that and give all different types of women roles and stuff like that," she continued. "There's room for critique of her shows -- I do critique them -- but I definitely admire that she's been able to command this attention."

And then there's Mo'ne Davis, the 13-year-old superstar pitcher. The first girl to win the Little League World Series game, Davis was crowned Sports Illustrated Kids "Sports Kid of the Year." While historically notable, the champion athlete can also serve as inspiration to kids of all genders and races across the globe.

"I just can't imagine being a little girl and having her out in the world for me to see, and kind of look at and admire and look up to," Katie McDonough, Assistant Editor at Salon.com, said. "As an adult I think her presence in the culture and her athleticism is amazing, but I can't imagine what that means for little kids right now."

These moments are just a few included in HuffPost's round-up of the 29 best moments for women in 2014. Watch more from HuffPost Live's look back at feminism in 2014 here.

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Great Moments For Feminism In 2014