35 Gifts For The Feminist Book Lover In Your Life

It's time to get lit(erature).

December is upon us. Which means the season of anxiously scouring Etsy, Amazon and your favorite purveyors of indie goods for ~the perfect gift~ has arrived.

Need some help divining which book or book-related item your feminist literati–credentialed pal might want? Great, there’s a list for that. And that list is here. From Kathleen Collins’ Whatever Happened To Interracial Love? to a very necessary “I’m with Her(mione)” T-shirt, these are the 35 things any book lover (who is also into, you know, equality for everyone) would be happy to receive.

Sylvia Plath-Inspired Sticker
"Diverse Books Matter" T-Shirt
$24.99. Buy it here.
Michelle Obama Tote From Strand Bookstore
$18.95. Buy it here.
"Who Does She Think She Is?" by Rosalyn Drexler
$50.00. Buy it here.
"Practice Radical Self Love" Pencils
Make America Read Again Hat
$19.95. Buy it here.
New Feminist Classics Book Set
$50.00. Buy it here.
Fanfic Club Patch
Coffee-Stained Bookmark
"I'm With Her(mione)" T-Shirt
$12.99. Buy it here.
"There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé" by Morgan Parker
$11.51. Buy it here.
Library "Date Due" Scarf
$44.00. Buy it here.
"The Fire This Time" by Jesmyn Ward
$15.62. Buy it here.
Virginia Woolf Pouch
$19.83. Buy it here.
"Bad Girls Throughout History" by Ann Shen
$19.95. Buy it here.
Book Pin Badge
"Americanah" Art
"Whatever Happened To Interracial Love" by Kathleen Collins
$15.99. Buy it here.
"The Feminine Mystique" Charm
"Carry This Book" by Abbi Jacobson
$25.00. Buy it here.
"Well-Read Woman" Mug
$12.95. Buy it here.
Hand-Stamped Tea Spoon
$20.00. Buy it here.
"Shrill" by Lindy West
$26.00. Buy it here.
Maya Angelou Greeting Cards
$25.00 for a set of five. Buy them here.
"Moranifesto" by Caitlin Moran
$15.99. Buy it here.
"I Would Rather Be Reading" Sweatshirt
$30.00. Buy it here.
Audre Lorde-Inspired Journal
$16.99. Buy it here.
"13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl" by Mona Awad
$16.00. Buy it here.
Gloria Anzaldúa T-Shirt
$30.00. Buy it here.
"How To Be A Person In The World" by Heather Havrilesky
$24.95. Buy it here.
Mary Wollstonecraft Bookmark
Toni Morrison Quote Print
$15.00. Buy it here.
"Ody-C: Cycle One" By Matt Fraction & Christian Ward
$49.99. Buy it here.
"Audre & Gloria & Angela & bell" T-Shirt
$25.00. Buy it here.
"You'll Grow Out Of It" by Jessi Klein
$17.57. Buy it here.
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