How to Date a Feminist

Disclaimer: The below information should not act as a guide with being able to pick-up women as a predispositional guarantee.

This article should probably be retitled: "How to Get A Feminist to Like You," because that's the basic challenge. She can't date you if she doesn't like you. Knowing if a feminist likes you isn't hard because feminists know what they want and will never settle for anything less.

The most important thing to know when pursuing a feminist is the ability to hold your ground. Feminists are opinionated individuals, but most of them also have an open mind. Therefore they are used to people disagreeing with them and won't mind if you believe in something other than what they do. What they will mind, however, is your petty desire to throw your personal idea aside and adapt theirs in the hopes that it will make them like you more. Do not be afraid to question something the other person believes in. Chances are, if they believe in it strongly enough they will be able to skillfully support their opinion and won't mind being pressed on their issue.

Being able to recognize how biases and stereotypes operate in the world is key. This will not only help you understand how to better please a feminist but how to be a better person in the world overall. Do not allow yourself to be indecisive beyond necessary means. It leads to vague answers and never understanding what an individual wants. When introduced to a topic, try to really internalize it and come up with feelings for or about it. Even if you cannot get a definite idea of how you feel towards something, processing the concept will encourage you to understand your thoughts. That will be the guiding factor into gravitating towards one end of the spectrum rather than settling in the middle.

Feminists are individuals open to change, people who understand that the prosperity of the future relies upon constant evolution of human intellect and society. To be compatible with them it's crucial to understand the dynamic of change. Change is something that when measured out on a scale can go from really small to really big. People make individual changes to their lives everyday that may not affect anyone more than solely themselves. Simultaneously, people make changes that could affect a family, community, society, culture, religion and then there are changes that ultimately affect the world. Being comfortable with change isn't necessary in order to accept it's ongoing existence. Feminists are people who encourage this change and often, are the one's enabling it through pushing forward with innovative ideas in policies, social environments and rights of citizens. Being supportive of change is a critical factor if you are someone partaking importance in a feminist's life.

Wanting self-growth circles back to what feminism is all about: A prosperous state of mind where you are equipped with resources for maximum innovation. Know that. Understand that. Respect that. And you should be just fine.