'Feminist Frank' Meme Reminds Everyone That Men Can Be Feminists Too

Look out, "Feminist Ryan Gosling," there's a new meme in town.

"Feminist Frank" -- a meme featuring a guy with perfectly spiked hair and an overexposed chest preaching some serious female empowerment -- has been making us swoon. While he looks like a character from "Animal House", Frank is a comedic reminder that anyone can be a feminist, even men in popped collars and deep v-neck t-shirts.

feminist frank ass

Feminist Frank's messages cover a range of topics, from debunking gender stereotypes to reminding guys to check their male privilege. Take a look at some of our favorites below:

feminist frank gender

feminist frank smack

feminist frank bitch

feminist frank bro

Feminist Frank would be welcome in the HuffPost Women lady-corner any day.

To see more of Feminist Frank's swoon-worthy memes click here.

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