The Feminist Illustrators Making Women's History Month Look Damn Good

Support your local women artists, today and every day!

Women getting carried away TB

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Wednesday is International Women’s Day, a glorious day devoted to recognizing the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women-identifying people across the world.

Here on HuffPost Arts & Culture, we’re recognizing the supremely gifted women artists who use their creative imaginations to visualize personal truths and potential futures in the universal language of images. Thankfully, they’re generous enough to share their gifts with the rest of us.

It’s still early in the day, but already Instagram is abuzz with gorgeous illustrations from feminist illustrators worldwide. To which we say, yes, thank you. And more, please.

We’ve compiled some of our favorites below and will update throughout the day. Happy International Women’s Day to all the girls and women and mothers and teachers and activists and artists and fighters and sisters and more. We love you today and every day.


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Happy #womensday ✨

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💪🏾❤happy international women's day sweetloves ❤

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#theclitqueen obviously only has one message

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Today is for all women. Those who live close by, and those in other continents. Women who look like you, and women who don't. This day is to stand hand in hand and support all; strong women, vulnerable women, insecure women, ambitious women, shy women, and women who don't know yet what they want with their lives. Old and young women, sick and healthy women, rich and poor women. Women with a vision, and also women still to develop one. Women who were born with a vulva, and women who weren't born with one. Women who identify as lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual, queer, pansexual, asexual or any other sexual orientation. Women who work full time, and women who stay at home and take care of their families. Women from all kinds of religious backgrounds, and women without a religion. Women of all shapes and sizes, fat or skinny, tall or tiny, with dark or light skin, hairy or bald. Women with or without breasts. Women who suffer from a psychological disorder, a trauma, or those who are otherwise mentally damaged. Women who aren't sure if they identify as a woman. Women who are being suppressed, neglected, or otherwise negatively treated because they are female. We support all of them, because they are human beings. They live together with us in this world. All women are all equally valuable, worthy and deserve to be seen and heard. They need to be loved, accepted and respected. They are human beings, like you and I. Every woman deserves an equal opportunity to grow and develop herself, and have the freedom in choosing what she wants to do. Love all women, because all women are beautiful just the way they are 💛✨ #thevulvagallery #vulvas #vulvaart #internationalwomensday #women #bodypositive #bodypositivity #genderequality #genderinclusivity #positivity #respecteachother #respect #empathy #humananatomy #selflove #empowerment #youarebeautiful #loveyourself #hildeatalanta

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Happy International Women's Day!

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For Int'l Women's Day all solo books by women are 30% off, and Resist papers are free. Art by Abigail Gray Swartz.

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Thank you to all the women ❤️❣️

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To ALL women, no matter what kind of genitalia you have. You are powerful.

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Who run the world? #girls #internationalwomensday #wip

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Keep that shit intersectional and oh-so radical!!! 💕✨✨

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Happy International Women's Day from YAI Arts #juliarios

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working on a new little piece ~ happy international women's day !! ✨

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New @unityskateboarding stickers. Happy International Womyn's day!

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To all the wonderful women in the world

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