Feminists Read Mean Tweets, Confirm Internet Is A Scary Place For Women

Being a woman online is no walk in the park -- being a feminist online is even harder.

In the style of the Jimmy Kimmel's "celebrities read mean tweets" videos, Mic asked women who identify as feminists to read some of the scariest and most threatening tweets they've ever received. The participants included co-creator of "The Daily Show" Lizz Winstead, feminist writer Soraya Chemaly and our very own HuffPost Women senior editor Emma Gray.

The comments ranged from laughably absurd to the straight up frightening, some including rape and death threats. As Mic's Elizabeth Plank writes, "The lethal combination of being a woman and having an opinion about the patriarchy is a recipe for a troll cocktail."

It ain't easy fighting the feminist fight, but waving the red flag on Internet misogyny is something we're more than happy to do.

H/T Mic