Feminist Taylor Swift: Hilarious Twitter Account Turns Singer's Lyrics Into Feminist Messages

For those of you who may have thought that Taylor Swift and feminist lyrics were "never ever ever ever" going to go together, there is now a Twitter account to prove you wrong. Created by a rising senior at Brown University named Clara Beyer, @FeministTSwift has gone viral this week, gaining over 47,000 followers in its first few days of existence.

Beyer is a self-proclaimed feminist and a Taylor Swift fan, which she admitted to Buzzfeed “isn’t always easy." Her internal struggle -- and the internal struggle all Swifties must face -- is perhaps best expressed in the account bio:

"Happy. Free. Confused. Oppressed by the patriarchy. At the same time."

Click through 10 of the funniest tweets, below, and head over to the Feminist Taylor Swift Twitter account to read more.

Not since Feminist Ryan Gosling and Feminist Hulk has an Internet mashup brought so much joy to our gender-equality-loving hearts.