Feminist Twitter Shuts Down CBS For Passing On 'Too Female' Pilot

The network should've thought twice before rejecting "Nancy Drew."
Sarah Shahi as Nancy Drew: way too girly. 
Sarah Shahi as Nancy Drew: way too girly. 

Here is yet another reminder that the television world still has quite a way to go when it comes to respecting women: A pilot starring "Person Of Interest" actress Sarah Shahi got passed on because it was too female. 

In 2015, CBS announced plans to shoot a pilot called "Drew," a reboot of the popular "Nancy Drew" book series. In the updated version, Shahi would play a 30-something Nancy, working as a detective for the NYPD.

It was reported that CBS decided to pass on the show on Saturday, which is now being shopped around to other potential buyers. But the reason behind the network's change of heart? According to Deadline, CBS found that although the pilot episode tested well, it "skewed too female."

The news sparked criticism on social media, with the hashtag #toofemale trending on Twitter:

Eventually, Sarah Shahi herself joined the conversation, thanking fans for their support:

CBS -- whose 2015-2016 primetime schedule included a handful of female-led shows ("Supergirl," "Mom," "The Good Wife") and a whole bunch of male-led procedurals -- has yet to respond to the criticism or to clarify what exactly makes a crime show starring a woman "too female" for its primetime schedule. 



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