Get Ready For A New Film Celebrating Femme Identity Among Gay Men

"You are perfect exactly as you are."

A new and necessary film will explore the nature of femme identity among gay men, and the way men who have sex with men are expected to adhere to masculine stereotypes.

Corey Camperchioli is the creator and star of “Femme: The Film,” a fictional story about a gay man navigating New York’s gay community and the challenges of love, friendship and dating in the Big Apple. Camperchioli, who identifies as femme, told The Huffington Post that he sees his film as a direct response to the rigid gender binary he sees reinforced every day by his gay peers.

“I hope ‘Femme’ will encourage others to love themselves as is,” Camperchioli told The Huffington Post. “It’s something that I’m still learning how to do, and I hope my journey toward self-love will set others on the track to loving themselves, too. Especially those femme boys out there ― those who get told to ‘deepen their voice,’ ‘tone it down,’ or ‘butch it up.’ I want to tell them what I wish someone had told me a long time ago: you are perfect exactly as you are. So to all the femme boys out there ― this one’s for you!”

“Femme: The Film” is currently raising money through Kickstarter in order to fully fund production. Head here to visit the project’s campaign and keep your eyes peeled for more details in the future.

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