Fendi's $1,000 'Touch Of Fur' Shawl Looks Like A Big Vagina, And People Have Noticed

And of course you stick your head right in the middle of it.

This probably isn’t the reaction Fendi had a mind.

A new shawl that retails for nearly $1,000 is being widely panned on Twitter because many people think it looks like a vagina.

The shawl didn’t look all that unusual in most of its available colors, such as silver and blue, or in its numerous patterned options. But one shade stood out:

It makes you look like you’re being born,” noted the Guardian.

The pink shade of the silk, wool and fur shawl seems to have disappeared from the Fendi website. However, it was still visible via Google cache, and other retailers that sell the company’s products were still showing off the goods.

Naturally, images of the shawl live forever on social media:

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