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Feng Shui Tips for Rainy Days

Remember to recycle and donate whenever possible. Now you are on your way to bringing new and wonderful experiences and opportunities into your life.
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We are all ready to say goodbye to this long, long cold winter! Spring brings bursts of colors! Tulips of ruby red, daffodils in screaming yellow and the vibrant greens of young grass will begin the celebration of this season -- bring it on!

Although we dream of sun kissed days and warm gentle breezes, we are entering the season of rain. April brings grey clouds, drizzles and downpours, and often makes travel uncomfortable, but rain is a blessing that should be embraced. Fresh water is one of our most precious resources. In many parts of the world, our water supply is drying up so fast that experts wonder how to bring fresh water to the parched mouths of humanity today and in the future.

The Wood element is the energy of spring and represents rebirth, renewal and fresh beginnings. What a perfect time to think of rain as the gift of emotional healing and the nourishment needed to create a new chapter in your life. Take your personal message from this integral part of the cycles of Mother Earth. Think about how the natural world responds to rainy weather as the animals get cozy in their nests and early blossoms close in tranquility.

Spend a day or two at home. Open your window and listen to the rhythmic patter of raindrops as you feel your connection to nature. A rain storm changes the energy so this is a great time to start your spring cleaning! Wash, wipe, dust and get rid of that clutter in your home and in your office. This makes good sense and great Feng Shui! Remember to recycle and donate whenever possible. Now you are on your way to bringing new and wonderful experiences and opportunities into your life.

In Feng Shui the Wood (spring) energy is associated with the color green. I call it a pillow for the eyes as it is the most restful color for us to look at. Like a walk through a forest, it fosters feelings of balance, harmony and hope.

Feng Shui Tips for Rainy Days

• Bring nature indoors with a houseplant. Indoor trees and plants are not only pleasurable to look at, but they bring us additional health benefits. Plants purify the air through tiny pores in their leaves that act as air filters.

• Turn up the music! The vibrations clear out the old energy and make room for new energy. Play music that makes you happy, and smile. Some studies have suggested that smiling improves your health, your stress level and your attractiveness!

• Have a cup of Herbal Tea. Try Spicy Orange, Chamomile or Peppermint to enhance those quiet moments!

• Listen to a guided meditation CD. This is a great way to alleviate stress and lower blood pressure. Studies show that meditation can even help renew damaged DNA!

• In your personal journal make a list of all of the things in your life that you are grateful for -- so uplifting!

Debra Duneier is a Feng Shui Master Practitioner, Certified Eco-Designer, accredited LEED® Green Associate, award winning Author of EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience and Reality TV Feng Shui expert on Veria Network's "Natural Reboot."