Fenway Park Proposal Seems To Fail Miserably

The crowd started chanting, "She said no!"

Stadium proposals are a polarizing topic, but even the most cynical of skeptics wouldn’t want to witness what happened Sunday night at Fenway Park.

According to members of the press covering the game, a man was in the midst of popping the question in front of some 30,000 Boston Red Sox fans when something went wrong. The moment played out on the Jumbotron for the entire stadium to witness.

Videos posted to Twitter showed the couple standing in the same spot as the cameraman awkwardly turned away and stood off to the side. The crowd is heard chanting, “Just say yes!” Folks on Twitter also said the crowd chanted, “She said no.” The moment ended without an answer or hug.

Folks at the stadium started tweeting about the moment, some relishing in the fact that the widely derided stadium proposal went wrong.

Public proposals are always tricky to execute, but a stadium one among tens of thousands Red Sox fans seems especially risky.