New TV Series Examines Gay Love And Relationships In The Bible Belt

Think "Weekend" meets "Girls."

A new television drama centered around the love lives and relationships of gay Southerners is set to premiere today, Oct. 6, on Dekkoo, a streaming service billing itself as the “gay Netflix.”

“Feral” aims to pick up where HBO’s drama “Looking” left off, albeit set in a more rustic and Southern area of the country.

The plot line for the eight-episode series follows the the ins and outs of a group of queer artists and their friends living in Memphis, Tennessee. “Feral” creator, writer and director Morgan Jon Fox says he wanted to bring the quiet moments afforded in a smaller urban, Southern setting to the forefront of today’s television narrative. Think “Weekend” meets “Girls.”

“Hopefully people can identify and connect with the characters in ‘Feral,’” Fox told The Huffington Post. “I hope that the characters and their journeys resonate with the audience. To me that’s the most important thing. These are just people, dealing with human issues. I also hope that it helps open doors for more regional content because it’s these small stories that inspire and touch me the most. Also, I hope people laugh a little bit and just enjoy the damn show!”

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