Ferdinand The Bull Steers People To Understand Learning And Attention Issues

By Tara Drinks

Children with learning and attention issues often feel misunderstood—much like the title character in 20th Century Fox’s new animated film, Ferdinand.

Based on the classic children’s story, The Story of Ferdinand, the movie tells the story of a young bull who would rather play in the meadows than fight in bullfights. Ferdinand is a bull with a huge heart who gets mistaken for a dangerous beast.

Recently, the Ad Council teamed up with the studio and WWE superstar and actor John Cena—the voice of Ferdinand—to release a special Understood-themed public service announcement (PSA).

In the PSA, Ferdinand says, “Kids with learning and attention issues like ADHD and dyslexia are misunderstood, too.” He asks people to take the time to understand the issues. Watch the PSA below.

You can see Ferdinand when it hits theaters December 14, 2017. And remember: Don’t judge a book (or a bull) by its cover!

This post originally appeared on Understood.org.